What we offer

Here you have the working protocol that we follow once we receive an order:

  • We work from the costumer’s idea (System work).
  • Modifications are usually divided in two stages (depending on the project). At each stage of the project we refine the changes suggested by the customer.
      • First review: We present several proposals based on the costumer’s idea. The costumer’s approval is required, together with the corrections to undertake. Here it is very important to answer doubts before going further.
      • Second Review: We present a corrected proposal that is ready to be finished. The costumer can suggest additional changes and corrections to include in the final design.
      • Minor revisions and delivery: We deliver the finished project based on the modifications of the second review.
  • The final design is delivered at the size and format specified by the customer.
  • Designs are delivered via email or download from our server.
  • Property rights of the scheme are ceded.
  • Estimated Completion service: 15 working days (it can vary depending of the complexity of the project).

Initial and modified proposals will be provided at low resolution for easy mailing. If high definition drafts are required, they will be sent including watermarks.

All images are registered.

We would appreciate the acknowledge of the images authorship.

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