It could be helpful to show you some of our projects to give you a rough idea of ​​the information initially provided and the obtained final results.

Drawing on paper:

In some cases, if the scheme is not too complex, a free hand simple draw on paper could be an excellent starting point. In this case, the initial scheme was drawn by hand using a marker on a notebook and then a photograph was taken by a mobile phone. As the picture clearly showed the idea, and the attached text provided all the required details, in a few days the image was delivered to the costumer.


Drawing on more complex concepts:

In this case a highly challenging project was endeavoured. The demanded scheme should be very precise, focusing the attention on some important details. Even though the initial high level of complexity, the customer enormously help minimising the degree of difficulty by providing a extremely detailed handmade draft. It was really gratifying to start working from that point. Very few corrections were required to satisfactorily succeed.



In this case the challenge was to upgrade an old scheme to provide a highly attractive image. To that purpose, special emphasis was devoted to select the best textures and colours of the materials involved. Although the initial complexity of the project, due to the number of steps and elements involved, the support given by the customer helped us to obtain straightforward results, being really rewarding.


Small sketch:

The challenge was to design a logo for a brand of artisan handmade bags. The customer provided this sketch and all the details about her needs and what she was looking to communicate. After a few corrections, the logo was shaping up to become what you see now. Here there is an outline of the followed process:


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