Scientific illustration

Scientific illustration is to science the same as art is to culture. We are in the image era. The old blackboards are over. Today the image is at the forefront in all daily life aspects, as an additional powerful tool.

A scientific illustrator is a creative artist strongly supporting science. He is able to emphasize important details, to go layer by layer to show those details difficult to explain with words, to hold the time in a crucial step of a process or to accelerate it for a better understanding, even to show hidden views. In other words, an image can show the details that would require more than a thousand words to be properly discussed.

It was Einstein who said, “If you cannot explain it to a six years old boy, perhaps you are not understanding the whole idea” and we can add “would it be something better than the image to communicate our ideas in a world where images are so powerful?”

Our working process:

Regarding our “working system”, it is essential to find a proper balance between the scientific and the graphical part.

Despite my experience in the field of scientific illustration, it is very hard to be an expert in all fields of science. Moreover, perhaps you are not familiar with illustration and graphics technical aspects, which will be very important for our project. That could make difficult the smooth progress of the project … But calm! We have the solution to find that balance.

My experience has taught me how important is to develop a working process. Our working process has been tested many times to facilitate the flow of the different project steps, and today we can affirm that the result is very satisfactory.

If you follow the following steps, your idea will be quickly and easily materialized:

  1. Clear concepts.
  2. Preliminary sketch.
  3. Support Images.Guidance text.

Click here to see the process in more detail.

And here to see the process that we will follow.

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